Quick Update on the SV

So far I have the carbs working smoothly again after cleaning and lubing all the linkages. Throttle and clutch cables seem fine, as do the fuel lines.

I have ordered a vacuum hose kit from SV-Bits – as syncing the SV carbs is notorious for limited access to the front carbs vac nipple. This simple kit extends both vac points to be easily accessible under the tank and is a doddle to fit while you happen to have the carbs off.

Further plans for Feb include:

  • Proper clean of the bike
  • Replace broken dash bulbs, probably with LED units to ensure long life
  • Valve clearance check
  • Service including all filters

That should get me ready to rock. It will probably need a new rear tyre too before long, the current one has had a few too many motorway miles and has squared.

SV650 Overhaul Begins

2 weeks ago I moved house. For the first time ever, I have a garage :-) .

SV overhaul begins

So its time to overhaul my SV650, which has done 33,000 miles – 24,000 of them with me riding it. It has spent 3 years out in the wind and the rain, with only essential maintenance. I have kept it serviced and it has done me proud – the only mechanical failure it has ever had was a snapped clutch cable.

So its now in my garage, tank and plastics off ready for some TLC before spring and the chance to do more epic trips.