Motorcycle Test Part 2

This post is a long time overdue. On the 17th of September 2009, I passed part 2 of the Direct Access (DAS) Motorcycle test.

I’m a very happy bunny now – I am entitled to go out and buy whatever bike takes my fancy (and that I can insure :-( )…..

The test itself went well – I was stressed totally in the run up to it but made it through. The most interesting aspect is that the examiner did my test while following in a car. This was unexpected! Apart from dropping him a bit when accelerating into a 60mph limit it was all fine. One advantage being there is often a car between you and him – lessening the pressure of close observation. The only manoeuvres left in the test are pulling out from behind a parked car and a hill start – everything else is in the Motorcycle test Part 1.

I struggled with 1 junction – I’m never sure if I should wait for a gap big enough for the examiner to get out into or just to ride normally. In this case I realised I was hesitating and just got on with riding normally.

After a 30 or so minute ride taking in some of Harrogate town centre and some national limit roads, we returned to the test centre and I was told I had passed. I got a single minor for observation.

So there we go – L plates removed and time to go buy a bigger bike.

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