Commuting in the wet

Today was the first properly wet day that I have commuted into work on the motorbike for. Getting motivated was tricky, but I parked my car in a seriously small space last night and did not fancy trying to extract it either so the bike won ;-) . I have a ALDI armoured waterproof jacket which does a good job, with the lining zipped in today I was warm and dry. I have not yet bought equivalent pants, so it was my leathers with waterproof over trousers. My gloves and boots do a good job of keeping the water out and I was comfortable all the way. My neck is the only unprotected area and I plan to buy at least a Buff to my collection of gear for riding.

My Alpkit Gourdon 20 rucksack maintains its 100% waterproof record – an excellent bit of kit by a great company. The tank bag with rain cover also did its job, allowing me to bring in a full set of work clothes.

All in all really not a problem. More money saved, more time saved and more time spent on the motorcycle which I enjoy. Commuting is going well! Its still hammering down anyway, so I’ll be back out in the rain in half an hour.

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