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Not posted since my Birthday, but quite a bit happened… I moved to Harrogate for a start. I had to get out of the Parents house, so managed to negotiate a move to our Leeds office and move in with friends in Harrogate.

The side effect of this has been my purchase of my first motorbike – a Suzuki GS125 from Mat. Hes got the GSF600 Bandit now :-) . Since getting it I’ve travelled 1000 miles on her, averaging 111mpg and generally enjoying myself. It takes 10-15 mins off the typical commute as I can ignore Queues in the main. Obviously there are some issues like all the extra kit I needed to buy for riding it, but I got some good deals from eBay etc. The rain sucks, but not as badly as I had feared.

I have passed the Theory Test now as well, and start my Direct Access Course tomorrow. Bring on the 500!

Download festival was good. No puctures were taken however. Climbing Helvellyn for the Summer Solstice was fun, but ended up in a surreal 50 people in a grey dawn in a cloud kinda way. On the plus side some nice people offered us sausages off the barbie (at 4am). Driving the Kirkstone in the Golf with its new engine mounts was FUN – nobody got in the way (aside from Sheep, who don’t count).

I’m back on the diet as of today also. Fun fun fun, but 13 st 4 lb is a bit of a FAIL.

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