Lee Quarry

‘Last weekend I took the BeOne Nirvana up to Lee Quarry in Bacup, Lancashire. Theres about 8km of trails that have been made up at the quarry, covering XC, DH and trails riders. In short I’m impressed by the quality. The trails stuff looks big (to a man who canna trackstand). The Black (read DH) section is apparently enough to get pulses racing, but I didn’t do it this time out. Come back with my wuss pads!

The red XC loop makes up the majority of the riding, with a nice balanced loop. As usual its up up and away up a wide fire road style climb, the berms, rocks and single track. Some of its quite exposed, there’s some small step downs and some rock garden style stuff. The loop ends on a fun descent with a jump line (nothing big) and some fun single track.

The short lap length means you can do several laps and by riding sections 2 or 3 times you will see improvements in technique. For the beginner it’ll be hard and scary, for the intermediate rider its a great place to develop.

There’s even a race series being organised by BrownBacks here.

All in all worth a look for local riders, and promised further developments at other local quarries could make this a great place to ride. Make a full day of it and hit the Rossendale Dry Ski slope with its freestyle bits as well.

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