BeOne Nirvana 1.0

So here it is: my new bike. It’s not actually new though – its just the frame that I bought from CRC with all the bits from the Rockhopper on it.


The frame is a BeOne Nirvana 1.0 with 100mm rear travel, linkage operated RockShox Monarch 3.3 air shock. I made an impulse buy here – this is the frame that BeOne use on their £3k full susser, but in the sale at CRC for £260. Seemed like a bargain and I have been wanting full sus for a while so I went for it.

First impressions are good – the frame is nicely welded, and looks like it should be mega strong. The shock seems to do its job – I’m new to this air stuff so time will tell. All the XC stuff seems to not have coils these days ;-(. The frame weighs 2.9kg which i guess is OK – the Rockhopper frame was 1.8kg in comparision.

The build was easy enough as all the parts from the rockhopper fitted without issue. The frame was supplied with a Richey integrated headset and an allen key seat post clamp. I ditched that for QR anyway. I was tempted by a new chainset, but no more cash right now. This means I’m still about 5 years behind with my square taper BB! The rear disc mount was straight as well which is a bonus with my very picky Hope 4 pots.

Heres the rough Spec Anyway:

  • BeOne Nirvana 1.0 frame
  • RockShox Monarch 3.3
  • RockShox Tora 318
  • Hope Enduro 4 brakes (205/185)
  • Charge Spoon Saddle
  • Rest is all 2003 Rockhopper

Hopefully get down to Llandegla for a shake down tomo. I already had to nip out to Halfrauds for a shock pump. Not bad at £20 – wiggle wanted the same and I would still have a flat shock until Tuesday….

7 thoughts on “BeOne Nirvana 1.0

  1. Hi there!

    I’ve just bought the same frame from CRC as it looks like an absolute bargain to me! I just wanted to know if you’ve had time to take it to your local trails and see how it behaved…
    I couldn’t find anything on the web about this frame and its exotic suspension (twin link system?). Is it really efficient?
    I still decided to go for it because, at this price, I can’t really go wrong, can I?!

    I can’t wait to get mine… ;-)



  2. Hi Mark,
    I bought the same frame from crc, couldn’t resist the price. I built it up as a training bike and am very impressed, it looks good and at 28.5 pounds is ok for weight.
    Just to contexualise, I also have an Ellsworth Truth that I bought and built up in 2005. The quality and ride of the Beone is as good as or very very close to the ellsworth,which in a way sickens me as I got caught up in the whole boutique bike thing and dropped well over £3.5k on the truth. And, believe it or not they share the exact same mech hanger!
    I have given mine an absolute hammering over the last month and it hasn’t given a moments hassle.
    There was no warranty info with my frame so I contacted Beone and they said it carries a two years warranty, which is about standard.
    Enjoy your bargain and the irony that you’re riding a “dutch mountain bike”.
    Regards, Jim

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  4. Hey, Im considering the frame right now from CRC as well. Could you tell me what the Seatpost and Front Derailleur sizes are? Ive been scowering the inernet trying to find the sizes. Thanks aif you reply! Vallee

  5. I’ve got one of these frames, check the rear pivot bearings, mine have almost seized after 2 months, otherwise seemed a good frame. I complained to crc, and have been told there’s a recall on all Nirvana models due to the frames breaking.

  6. Hi,
    A guy here in Finland had already 2 frames breaking. I have the same model but so far so good ;) Is someone having some more information about the recall status. Guess CRC, from where I also purchasd mine, wouldn’t market the same?!

  7. So, my own Nirvana 1.0 frame did also finally broke down :(
    Waiting for my new frame to arrive now, a Viper ;)

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