More work on the Golf

Over the Weekend I managed to sort out the broken door lock barrel, strip and clean the throttle body, replace the spark plugs, cut the airbox for more flow and remove a few other bits hat need to be out of the way of the impending cam belt change.

The belt turned out to be rather looser than it should be, so I don’t want to run it until I get the new belt in. So that delays the oil change a bit.

I also need to do the following:

  • Check and possibly replace the dizzy cap, rotor arm and HT leads
  • Check the gearbox oil level
  • Clean everything :-)
  • Install the sub amp wiring
  • Sort out why the headunit isnt getting a permanant live
  • Fix the parcel shelf hanger
  • Investigate either an alarm or remote locking kit
  • Look at fog light options

Should keep my busy for a while! Lets hope this weekend is dry. No chance of an early spring is there?

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