New Car – Golf Gti

Last weekend I picked up a Golf Gti (actually more like rescued). Its a 1992 2.0 8v. A friend of a friend had put it in for a MOT and work last year – after it failed for the second time he gave up and bougth a new car. The Golf was then left at the garage who had been fixing it for nearly a year. When they decided it had to go, I bought it for a ton as a both a project and an attempt to save some cash – the 406 is quite a bit more on insurance, parts and fuel than this. The pug also needs an engine mount, rear tyres and a couple of cosmetic jobs.

As we picked it up on the trailer

As we picked it up on the trailer

Turns out the golf needs several brake lines, a battery and a catalytic convertor for the MOT. With any luck I should have it on my drive by next week and the pug can be mothballed until its warm enough to bother working outside on cars :-) .

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