Still not posting

I keep forgetting about this blog!

Story now is that I have started proper training for IronMan Switzerland. Its around 6 months away now.

I took December off to all intents and purposes, had a good Christmas and now theres the small mater of 8-14h a week of training and probably 3 stone to loose in 6 monrhs.

In the hop that it will help I am in the process of launching another blog – With that blog just focusing on recording my training and thoughts, I think I’ll be more inclined to post on there. Here will remain for random musings, photography (need to by a Flickr Pro account again, shame about the £ to $ interface :-( ). There also is an XR4i to fix, a Robin Hood 2b to do something about and lots of PC stuff to rant on about.

And Happy New Year!

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