Lack of posting.
Lack of training.
Lack of racing.
Weight gain again.

I missed both the Liverpool 10k and the Half Marathon in Carlisle. Liverpool was the day after paintballing, and I was a bit of a physical wreck. The Carlisle tihing was a long drive, it was raining etc so I wimped out. Luckilly I did do a full 21km the week before in training, so my Half Mara PB is now 2:10:xx – which is a huge improvement on my performance at the Little Woody.

Training has been poor as well since Helvellyn. I need a severe kick in the behind – which I seem to have in November.

This time last year I was in Thailand / Vietnam – seems a long long time ago. 2 years ago I was probably leaving Auckland at the start of my adventure. Looking forward I have an Ironman to do, plus a host of support races which I will start planning over winter – I didn’t get into the London Marathon in 2009 so I need an alternate spring marathon – Target 4hrs (?!).

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