Ormskirk 10k 2008

Sunday was the inaugural Ormskirk 10k, organised by Polygon Direct. As this was my local race, I entered early (race number was 5). This is the second 10k I have done – my first was back in June in Liverpool which I ran in 49:29, making the aim for this one simply to beat that.

I have done very little in the way of training for speed this year, focusing on endurance and the possibility of an IronMan race next year. I thought that my fitness should have been better that it was 3 months ago. So here we go.

Race day was met with perfect weather – a real rare sunny day. The event itself was well run – parking on site, baggage storage and a funky warm up for everyone. I jogged up and down a bit, but still don’t really bother warming up – I feel comfortable running straight off at my 10k pace anyway. The course was good – well marshalled, fairly clear of traffic and nicely undulating. It consists of an out, 2 laps of a shortish loop and then back to the Cricket club to finish. The hill up to the water tower hurt a bit! I ran with my heart rate at 180 average, felt fine and got to the finish in 47:44 – near 2 mins off my first PB and the course was accurate according to the Garmin, so pretty happy with that. Next up is Liverpool in 2 weeks…… I think I could push a little harder and the course should be flatter as well so maybe a 45 could be possible. I also may end up running Liverpool with a few mates as a fun event, so we shall see.

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