100 press ups anyone

This seesm to be a popular meme on the internet right now – the quest to do 100 pushups. I have been neglecting my upper body for ages now, so this will form part of my plan going forward. I managed 9 last night before I dropped and stayed down ;-) . Poor show for a reasonably fit 27 year old!

So I will follow the program and also add in pull ups as well as I belive that these are also a grwat indicator of functional strength. My legs have always been strong due to a habit of riding up steep hills in a crank bending, 30rpm out of saddle style. Did one pull up last night – laughable! I intend to use assistance in the form of bands and also negatives.

Link to the 100 Press Ups Site

One thought on “100 press ups anyone

  1. I hope you are doing proper reps, all the way down.
    For added challenge do wearing a rucksack!

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