Triathlon Training Catch up

July has been OK – holiday in the middle but I am on track to equal or beat my running totals for June. Need to do another 10k over the weekend and its in the bag.

You can also see that I have not been near a treadmill for a long time :-) . This may change as I need to train for Helvellyn and the treadmill is the only place with long 10% gradients round here. Parbold hill is the best climb I have and that still means driving over for a 100m vertical. Good for the bike but no so much use for running.
It was a late run last night, which saw me running through Ormskirk at 10pm, past a packed styles. It always makes me laugh when I run past a pub and see the surprise on the drinkers faces :-) . Otherwise a slow 12km.
Cycling continues to go well. I am down on mileage this week and being away tomorrow wont help, but a quality 22 miles @ nearly 20mph 2 days ago was good. I backed that up with my weekly 2km swim later. Swimming needs to go up to 2 sessions a week soon as well.

Race wise I have Helvellyn on September 7th. I also have a space in August for a race which looks like being the Little Woody – a half Ironman. This may well be a bad idea but what the hey. You only live once and I really want to complete a full Ironman next year, so this will be a good experience.

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