Sunday saw the best of the weather and a trip to Llandegla with Will to do the black run again.

Conditions were good and the place was quite rammed – ended up way up in the top car park. The first climb saw the layers come off and it turned into a nice summers day, probably because the high winds were deflected by the forest. Everything went great until my confidence got the better of me – I had been getting better on the small rolling jumps throughout the run and was starting to let loose a bit more.

Then I somehow managed to nose dive a jump, probaly mistimed and caught the lip with the rear tyre. Landed on the front, bottomed the fork and executed a nose wheelie straigh into a tree stump while going reasonably quick…… At this point the bike stopped and fired me like a catapult straight at a tree. I dont know what happened in the 8ft between the stump and the tree. I think i rolled and came up into the tree. Anyway, no real harm done, helmet did get a wee knock but seems OK – shades kept the tree away from my eyes. I am quite tempted by the lightweight Met full face job and some armour after this though.

Gutted I had such a good stack and still no helmet cam to record it on. So I ordered one and it should arrive today :-) .

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