Lancaster Results

Just got emailed the results:
1:19:06 – 36th out of 56 Finishers

18:11 – 43rd (previous best 22:04)
I was out of the pool by about 16:30 – transition went well with modified bike shoes and no faffing with gloves etc.

37:47 – 33rd (previous best 51:22)
The 20-30mph winds were reduced by tree cover on the 1500m closed circuit. I got less than a lap with any benefit from drafting, so pretty happy with this performance. Includes a slightly slow run transition – someone racked a bike in my slot and my trainers didn’t want to go on. Ran without socks – have a blister in my arch on left foot to show for it.

23:08 – 35th (previous best 27:29)
What? Never expected this – I have got close to 25 in training without the swimming and cycling ;-) .

I’m happy with these results – especially the run. The event was well run with a great facility. Closed track for cycling was good, no traffic so you can just get your head down and go. The run route was flat with views over the estuary.

The changes I made to transition tactics helped lots. My race number belt failed to turn up from wiggle so I had to wear one of my running vests during the bike / run, so there’s 20 or 30 seconds for free there, and my running shoes didnt want to go on in t2, losing me about 30 seconds again.

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