Prism – the easy way to deal with web apps

I spend a lot of time at work using Kerio Mail’s web interface – its a full mail client in a browser window. The catch is it gets lost in a sea of tabs in firefox and its an annoyance to log back in every time I end up closing or crashing firefox…

Enter prism from the mozilla labs – its a version of firefox that just supports one site, with no status bars, menus or anything else. It rus as a seperate program in windows, so its always there on my taskbar, and the lack of menus and panels gives more room for the web app – most web apps dont need back buttons etc. I run one of these for gmail and one for kerio – which works out well.

Get Prism from Mozilla Labs Blog

One thought on “Prism – the easy way to deal with web apps

  1. I’d love to know how you got Kerio to work with Prism.
    I’ve tried the two together and it always fails when I try to send a message, any pointers you can provide would be great!
    (Running Kerio 6.4 and Prism 0.9)

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